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Full Stack Software Developer Located in Aicha or remote - UCY Ventures Group

Veröffentlicht am:19.04.2022

UCY Technologies is a mid-sized company headquartered near Passau, Germany. Our focus ist on software development in the fields of Computer Vision, Automation and Business IT. Within the larger UCY Ventures Group, UCY Technologies creates and maintains plastics sorting technology as well as corporate IT infrastructure. In 2021, we are setting out to change the landscape of the Computing with the ThinHoc platform.


As we are broadening the scope ThinHoc project, a "fully-managed-as-a-service" hardware and software platform for modern Thin Computing, we are looking for a new team member for research, development and testing of new software features.


Your responsibiity will be the implementation, debugging an quality control of new an existing features in our software stack, which is mostly written in Python with some JavaScript at the fontend. On top of that, we would like you to monitor an update our public bugtrackers and at times offer remote technical assitance in case of issues that customers an first level support are unable to resolve without input from a developer.


Your Qualifications:

  • Good command of the English language
  • Skills in the Python and JavaScript programming languages, and preferably some professional experience in both
  • General proficiency in web development (HTML5, CSS3) as well as architecture, development and deployment of cloud applications
  • (e.g. using Docker)
  • Some familarity with Linux-bades operating systems (feeling comfortable using the command line, basics of developing and packaging userspace applications)
  • Skills in version control software (Git) and one or more IDEs suitable for JavaScript and Python development (for example Visual Studio Code)
  • Willingness to work in a remote setting and report on the progress in daily video conferences
  • An independent an solution-oriented way of solving problems


Do not hesitate to contact us:

Fon: + 49(0) 8544/900 91 10

Mail: jobs@ucy.group


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UCY Ventures Group

UCY Ventures Group
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